Once A Fort Night Story – #1 – Witchcraft

In some places of the world you can literally go back in time. Lets go back to the 16th Century where this would be a regular event:


There is only one problem. This was in 2013 an age where a cure for AIDS is on the horizon, where over 6 billion people have access to a phone and where people’s life expectancy is considerably higher than 30. Only for Papa New Guinea witchcraft is still at large, cannibalism is a common event and the capital of the country Port Moresby is a dangerous no go zone when the sun goes down. The woman teacher had simply tried to give the children of this dangerous country an education and this was the repayment she got. I don’t stand up for the people who murdered her because it was horrendous and wrong. But do they know any better than we did back when we supported witchcraft? Someone needs to step in and take this country to the present and fast in order to stop these mindless killings.


2 thoughts on “Once A Fort Night Story – #1 – Witchcraft

  1. Nice start, I would have liked not to have the link to the killing and would have like to have seen your journalistic edge to the story. It would have been good if you had read the story as if you were getting the first witness account and then telling the world. I have a similar story for you to research and write about.

    In Russia, on the edges of the coldness of Sibera covering most of north Asia there are small villages which are cut off most of the year by snow, ice and -30c temperature, where the law is village law, what government police there are, they are corrupt and like a lot of the locals spend their days drinking potato vodka. No courts here, the nearest court and judge is 1000 miles away, to far for punishment. In this village is Helana, a 25 year old teacher, her choice to stay in the village she was born, she wants to make a difference.

    Witchcraft, evil spirits, curses in the 21st century is living in this village where disabled children are locked in cupboards when visitors come to the door, no school for these children parents do not want cursed children in the school with their children. Helana wants to change that, she will ignore the death threats, the curses in the form of dolls nailed to her door, being spat at. She is winning over the parents slowly and carefully and a promise of a new school if things .

    Why don’t the police protect her and deal with attacks? When Helana was a child she lived in the forest her father was a woodsman, if you can imagine an old style fairy tale then she lived in the woods cutters house, all wood with moss roof and water from a pump. She used to walk the 2 miles to school and at least once or twice a month she past a body hanging from a tree. Punishment by the village law.

    This information came to me from Helana I met online 8 years ago, we lost contact a year later. I have always wondered if she got her new school in the village I could never pronounce it or spell it.

    So see from the information I have given you. Investigate and report and let me know. Good luck.


    blogger (at) mysoresoul.co.uk

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