Rich Fulcher Interview

YJ: Do you ever plan to make another series of Snuff Box or has the show fulfilled its journey?

Rich Fulcher: We tried to sell the show again in the states but I think it was considered too risque. Adult Swim, however, wanted me and Matt to write a pilot on our own skewed version of Sherlock and Watson which we really like but as happens often in this industry the person who championed us at the network left and the new guy wasn’t into it. I would work with Matt again at the drop of a hat, or a box.

YJ: It’s a shame that didn’t work out. Will you be going to ‘Festival Supreme’ with the Mighty Boosh live in October?

Rich Fulcher: Yes. Unfortunately, I will not get to rehearse with the Boosh Boys until L.A, as I’m out here for a bit. But I hope to do something fun in it like wear a giant diaper or run around covered in pickles.

YJ: Sounds Good. Do you still keep in touch with the cast?

Rich Fulcher: I just recently moved back to L.A. but while I was in London, we all lived less than a mile from each other and hung out . We are always in touch unless we are not in touch.

YJ: (Laughs) Do you have any influences in comedy?

Rich Fulcher: It’s always changing but when I was growing up it was Steve Martin and Monty Python. I loved Mitch Hedburg and Andy Kindler and Tig Notaro and am always on the lookout for new comics like Kumail Nanjiani and Hannibal Buress.

YJ: You went to Edinburgh in 2010 for your act An Evening With Eleanor The Tour Whore, Do you ever think of writing a new comedy script from time to time?

Rich Fulcher: I have done 9 Edinburgh Fests in total and have written 4 one-person shows. I was thinking of doing them all in one week somewhere as a goof but would also love to tour my latest show, ‘Tiny Acts of Rebellion’ (based on the book) in the state of South Dakota.

YJ: What made you want to become a comedian?

Rich Fulcher: I guess you could say it was because my Dad was in the Air Force so I’d have to change schools about every two years and I used comedy to be accepted in new places. I was either very extroverted or didn’t say anything but I loved to make people
laugh and get a reaction.

YJ: Do you have any big plans for the future?

Rich Fulcher: Other than watch all the old episodes of The Price is Right, I’m hoping to develop a half-hour standup special for television as well as get ‘Tiny Acts of Rebellion’ as a TV if someone would just buy it. Please? I’ll even take bad checks. I’ve also written a pilot for IFC with UCB’s Matt Besser about a restaurant that turns into a cult.

YJ: Quite an original idea you have there. Do you have any advice for aspiring comedians?

Rich Fulcher: The best thing you can do is do. If you are into sketches, do
sketches; improv, take classes; standup , do standup. I know
it sounds simple, but too many people talk about doing comedy,
but never really get around to it.

I would like to thank Rich Fulcher for his time and for making me laugh since Bob Fossil. Thanks Rich.



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