Matthew Pritchard Interview


Matthew Pritchard is one of the four stuntmen on MTV’s show Dirty Sanchez, a show that has four seasons and one movie out. He is also a pro skateboarder and he is also the first Welsh skater to ever go pro.

Here is Matthew talking about how you should follow what you want to do in life for the BBC.

YJ: First off as a long term Cardiff City supporter what was you reaction when they got promoted?

Matthew: Well as you can imagine I was over the moon. Although I do believe the Championship is the best league to be in but for obvious reasons its good that we have Cardiff in the Prem and of course 2 Welsh teams which is great for Welsh football.

YJ: Yeah as a Cardiff Supporter I was also delighted, Do you ever think that the Sanchez crew will reunite to film something for TV or has that ship sailed?

Matthew: Who knows, time will tell that one or if anyone in TV/film world are interested in investing in us. For the time being we are all doing our own thing.

YJ: What was the most painful stunt you’ve ever done?

Matthew: I Drilled right through my hand and spent eight days in hospital with septicaemia.

YJ: Nasty, Have you still got the ‘I love Johnny Knoxville’ tattoo on your leg from Russia?

Matthew: I certainly have and I won’t be getting rid of it either.

YJ: When’s the last time you saw Mykel Hawke?

Matthew: A very long time ago, he’s currently on the discovery channel filming a show with his wife.

YJ: Do you have any big plans for the next five years?

Matthew: I do but I’m keeping it under wraps. I will still be training and entering my Ironmen competitions, running marathons etc. I’ve always wanted to run the length of America so hopefully do that soon too.

YJ: Ok, finally do you have any advice for aspiring skateboarders?

Matthew: Skate because you enjoy it not because you see the sponsorship and the money that is involved now.

YJ: Thanks a lot Matthew.

Matthew: No probs boyo, bluebirds!


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