Once A Fort Night Story – #2 – It’s Just A Game

Hello, Welcome Back to Once A Fort Night Story I’m sorry it’s late.

Today I’m giving my opinion on this story:


I didn’t really know how to start this opinion so I’m summing it up in a single word: Crazy.

I think it’s crazy that somebody would try to kill somebody over a game which costs around £50. I mean its a game, it’s not even real. I have nothing against people who enjoy their Playstation, Xbox, Wii etc. games because they can be pretty fun but there is a limit to how far you will go for a game. I don’t really get why people would queue up at midnight to buy it from a store when you could buy it online in advance for the same price. The only difference would be you get it nine hours later and you actually sleep that night rather than being up on your new game till five o’clock then being tired for school/work etc.

I laughed at the absurdity of this story, not the fact that a man got stabbed, beaten and robbed because that’s not good but at the fact that someone out there would actually hurt someone to play a game where you can hurt as many virtual people as you please. The man out there is not a smart man and he deserves to spend a long time in prison.

I wish the victim a speedy recovery.



Once A Fort Night Story – #1 – Witchcraft

In some places of the world you can literally go back in time. Lets go back to the 16th Century where this would be a regular event:


There is only one problem. This was in 2013 an age where a cure for AIDS is on the horizon, where over 6 billion people have access to a phone and where people’s life expectancy is considerably higher than 30. Only for Papa New Guinea witchcraft is still at large, cannibalism is a common event and the capital of the country Port Moresby is a dangerous no go zone when the sun goes down. The woman teacher had simply tried to give the children of this dangerous country an education and this was the repayment she got. I don’t stand up for the people who murdered her because it was horrendous and wrong. But do they know any better than we did back when we supported witchcraft? Someone needs to step in and take this country to the present and fast in order to stop these mindless killings.