My Once A Fort Night Story Introduction

Since I can’t guarantee interviews every week (although I have a few big names being negotiated) I thought I might bring a new angle to my blog by basically picking a news story from around the globe and giving my view on it.


Who Am I?

I am a 15 year old aspiring journalist who just wants to make a business or just some experience for myself. I love doing this and even though I’ve just begun I think the future looks hopeful for my blog.

Children Of Poseidon Upcoming Interview.

Hello guys and welcome to my new blog. I have a scheduled interview with Children Of Poseidon coming up on this blog in the next few days. Children Of Poseidon are a famous stunt group from Australia who share their crazy antics and stunts through YouTube.

With over 80k + subscribers and a chance to get on major network tv, it will be fair to say that this will defiantly be worth a read. Stay Tuned Guys!